2013 NFL Playoff picks – Super Bowl XLVIII

It was another perfect week (2-0) for me on Championship game playoff picks. That’s 9-1 overall on playoff picks and there’s only 1 game left to predict, Super Bowl XLVIII. Since 1990, NFC champions are 13-10 (0.565) in the Super Bowl and 23-20 (0.535) since the 1970 merger. Here’s my pick for this year’s Super Bowl:



2013 NFL Playoff picks – Championship games

A perfect result (4-0) on my Divisional playoff picks means 7-1 for me so far on playoff picks.  Since 1990, home teams are 27-19 (0.587) in the title games and 1-3 (0.250) since 2011. Obviously, playing the Conference championship game at home isn’t big advantage, but I’m picking both home teams to win and set up the battle between two No.1 seeds in the Super Bowl, something that hasn’t happened since 2009 season.


2013 NFL Playoff picks – Divisional Playoffs

First 4 playoff games of the 2013 NFL season are in the books. I went 3-1 on my Wild Card playoff picks. Since 1990, home teams are 67-25 (0.728) in Divisional round and 6-2 (0.750) since 2011.
Again, playing at home in the postseason is an important advantage. This time I’m picking 1 road team to win and advance to the Conference Championship game. Here are my picks for all 4 Divisional playoff games.


2013 NFL Playoff picks – Wild Card Weekend

Regular season concluded with a final Week 17 in the NFL. I finished with 15-1 record on my Week 17 NFL picks. That’s 159-96-1 (.623) overall for the 2013 regular season, down a few percentage points compared to previous two regular seasons, 2011 (0.660) & 2012 (0.654). Here is a chart with weekly percentages on my NFL picks for 2013 regular season.

weekly chartWhat’s left for me is to pick winners for 11 playoff games, Super Bowl included. It all starts with 4 Wild Card playoff games. In 1990 the NFL expanded its playoff system and went with 12 instead of 10 playoff teams for the first time. Since then, home teams are 61-31 (0.663) in Wild Card games and 7-1 (0.875) since 2011.
Obviously, playing at home in the postseason is an important advantage, but I’m picking 2 road teams to win this weekend. Here are my picks for all 4 Wild card playoff games.


2013 NFL Week 17 picks

One last chance for me to get a decent result out of my weekly NFL picks. I went 8-8 on my Week 16 NFL picks. That’s 144-95-1 overall record for 2013. If I’ll be correct on my Week 17 picks (and odds are that I won’t be) than the AFC & NFC playoff picture should look like this:

1. Denver Broncos
2. New England Patriots
3. Cincinnati Bengals
4. Indianapolis Colts
5. Kansas City Chiefs
6. Miami Dolphins

1. Seattle Seahawks
2. Carolina Panthers
3. Philadelphia Eagles
4. Green Bay Packers
5. San Francisco 49ers
6. New Orleans Saints


2013 NFL Week 16 picks

Another bad week on my Week 15 NFL picks. With just 2 weeks left that’s a 136-87-1 overall record for 2013. The last 2 of the interconference games will be played this week, MIN @ CIN and PIT @ GB. The NFC leads 34-28 in those games and has already clinched winning record over AFC for the 3rd straight season, something hasn’t happened before.

Week 16

2013 NFL Week 15 picks

Another 11-5 record on my Week 14 NFL picks. Overall for the season: 129-78-1. The last of the TNF games will be played tonight to start Week 15 in the NFL. It will be a battle between San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos. Home teams are 7-6 on Thursday Night this season (not counting the season opener in Week 1), and I’m picking home team to win again and improve the record to 8-6. I’ll update this post later on this week with the rest of my picks for Week 15.

Update: The Broncos managed to lose against division rival San Diego Chargers on Thursday, that means 0-1 start on my Week 15 picks in the NFL, 129-79-1 overall record for the season.
Update2: 7-9 record on my Week 15 picks & 136-87-1 for the season.

Week 15