2012 Final Passer Rating Differential

Regular season is over and it’s time for the final update of the Passer Rating differential ranking (PRD, The Mother of All Stats as they call it at Cold Hard Football Facts). Here’s the updated table through Week 17 in the NFL (teams in bold made the playoffs).

PRD Week 17

There have been no major changes since I last posted the rankings through Week 12. The Packers are still at the top and No.1 ranked team thanks to their superior Offensive Passer Rating (OPR). Seattle Seahawks were ranked only 18th when I first posted the rankings with Week 4 concluded but they have been improving ever since, since Week 12 they’ve climbed additional 2 spots and finished regular season ranked 2nd on PRD and are clearly the hottest teams heading into the playoffs. Out of all playoff teams, the Vikings (24th) and the Colts (27th) are the only 2 teams ranked outside top 12 on PRD. Arizona is No.1 ranked team on Defensive Passer Rating (DPR), but the Cardinals also posted the worst OPR. Just like at the top there weren’t any major changes at the bottom, Kansas City Chiefs remain dead last on PRD, which has been the case for the major part of the regular season.


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