2012 Week 15 NFL picks

With only 3 weeks left in regular season we are getting closer to this year’s postseason. With 6 games on the schedule between teams with winning record it should be an exciting week of pro football. Week 15 will start with the last in the series of TNF games. So far home teams hold 8-5 record and 33-17 since NFL Network started broadcasting Thursday Night Football games in 2006, here’s my pick for TNF game:

1Cincinnati Bengals @ Philadelphia Eagles, Thursday 8:20 PM (ET). The last time this 2 teams played they finished the game in a tie. The Bengals are coming off a devastating loss to the Cowboys and now have to face the Eagles who will try to spoil Bengals’ chances to make the playoffs. I might regret this but this time I’m going to shy away from a ‘home-team-short-week’ theme and pick the Bengals to win on the road.
Pick: Bengals 24-21, Result: Bengals 34-13
Against The Spread: Eagles (+3.5)

Philadelphia at Cincinnati

Photo: PrtScrn from ESPN.com

5New York Giants @ Atlanta Falcons, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). Here’s a chance for the Falcons to define their season and present themselves to the rest of the NFL as a true Super Bowl contender. The Giants beat the Falcons 24-2 in last season’s divisional playoffs, but this time I think the Falcons will score on offense, something they haven’t been able to do in the already mentioned playoff game.
Pick: Falcons 27-26, Result: Falcons 34-0
Against The Spread: Giants (+1.5)

2Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). QB Jay Cutler has been with the Bears since 2009 and he hasn’t been successful in games against the Packers to say the least. In Week 2 of this season he posted a dismal 28.2 passer rating, the Packers are getting healthier on defense and there’s a chance LB Clay Matthews will play this week. Not good news for Bears’ O-line and QB Jay Cutler. Packers will win and clinch NFC North division.
Pick: Packers 23-17, Result: Packers 21-13
Against The Spread: Packers (-2.5)

9Washington Redskins @ Cleveland Browns, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). A chance for the Browns to win 4th straight, the last time they’ve managed to do so was at the end of 2009 season when they finished 5-11 after 1-11 start to the season. The Redskins are 7-6, have won 4 straight and are in the hunt to make the playoffs. No matter who plays at quarterback for Redskins, I think they have a chance to win against Cleveland.
Pick: Redskins 24-20, Result: Redskins 38-21
Against The Spread: Redskins (+2.5)

3Minnesota Vikings @ St. Louis Rams, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). The Rams are another team who’ve won the last 3 games with a chance to make it 4 straight. Unlike the Browns, the Rams have a lot more to play for. Playing against Minnesota who is also in the playoff mix will be tough, but the Rams are at home and have been playing great defense lately, Rams win.
Pick: Rams 23-21, Result: Vikings 36-22
Against The Spread: Vikings (+2.5) 

8Jacksonville Jaguars @ Miami Dolphins, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). Dolphins are back home to play another Florida based team, the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars showed some signs of improvement before they played to their 2012 standard again last few weeks. Dolphins aren’t officially out of the playoffs and will want to win this one in front of the home crowd.
Pick: Dolphins 26-16, Result: Dolphins 24-3
Against The Spread: Dolphins (-7.5)

6Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). After a few good games Saints’ defense fell apart last week against the Giants. The Buccaneers have weapons to attack the Saints on the ground and through the air and I don’t think mistake prone Saints can win it this time.
Pick: Buccaneers 30-27, Result: Saints 41-0
Against The Spread: Buccaneers (+3.5)

4Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). This is a game between two division leaders. Broncos already clinched their division but will be playing for better seeding. The Ravens will be a good test for the Broncos but I think QB Joe Flacco, who plays much better at home, will have problems with Denver’s pass rush. Ravens lose and drop to 9-5.
Pick: Broncos 27-24, Result: Broncos 34-17
Against The Spread: Broncos (-2.5)

7Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). I bet the Texans can’t wait to get on the field after embarrassing loss to the Patriots on Monday Night. With a win against the Colts Houston can clinch AFC South division. I think they’ll do so pretty comfortably.
Pick: Texans 34-20, Result: Texans 29-17
Against The Spread: Texans (-7.5)

12Seattle Seahawks @ Buffalo Bills, Sunday 4:05 PM (ET). The game will be played in Toronto which kind of takes away home-field advantage from the Bills, still it will be a long trip for the Seahawks. With a win against Chicago the Seahawks proved that they can win on the road and they should have no problems winning against the Bills.
Pick: Seahawks 27-13, Result: Seahawks 50-17
Against The Spread: Seahawks (-5.5)

10Detroit Lions @ Arizona Cardinals, Sunday 4:05 PM (ET). You can’t expect from Arizona to surrender 50+ points again but the Cardinals do have some serious problems. They can’t score and the Lions shouldn’t have problems to score enough to win this game.
Pick: Lions 24-16, Result: Cardinals 38-10
Against The Spread: Lions (-5.5) 

11Carolina Panthers @ San Diego Chargers, Sunday 4:05 PM (ET). I think the Chargers’ win last week against the Steelers doesn’t really show the true value of this team. The Panthers will take advantage of their inconsistency and despite of their good defense the Chargers will fail to score enough points to win against the Panthers.
Pick: Panthers 20-17, Result: Panthers 31-7
Against The Spread: Panthers (+2.5)

13Pittsburgh Steelers @ Dallas Cowboys, Sunday 4:25 PM (ET). Pittsburgh is another team hungry to play this week after a disappointing loss last week. In the past the Steelers showed they can overcome all the distractions surrounding the team and this will be a perfect spot to do it again. Cowboys are fighting for playoff spot too but will have too little to beat the Steelers.
Pick: Steelers 24-19, Result: Cowboys 27-24 (OT)
Against The Spread: Steelers (-1.5)

14Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders, Sunday 4:25 PM (ET). Rivalry matchup between 2-11 Chiefs and 3-10 Raiders. Well, it will be more of a ‘battle’ for higher draft pick. When in doubt, go with a home team, Raiders win and advance to 4-10.
Pick: Raiders 23-20, Result: Raiders 15-0
Against The Spread: Raiders (-2.5)

15San Francisco 49ers @ New England Patriots, Sunday 8:20 PM (ET). I attended the game played at Candlestick 4 years ago. Back then the Patriots visited San Francisco with QB Matt Cassel and beat the 49ers 31-20. A lot has changed since then, but with QB Tom Brady playing at home I think he and his offense will find ways to score points against otherwise stout 49ers’ defense.
Pick: Patriots 31-24, Result: 49ers 41-34
Against The Spread: Patriots (-5.5) 

16New York Jets @ Tennessee Titans, Monday 8:30 PM (ET). It’s hard to believe the Jets still have hope to make the playoffs so late in the season after all we’ve seen from them this year. Could be they’ll extend their playoff hopes with a win against the Titans on Monday Night.
Pick: Jets 20-17, Result: Titans 14-10
Against The Spread: Jets (+1.5)

Week 14 record straight-up: 10-6
Overall: 132-75-1

Against The Spread: 6-10
Overall: 107-101


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