2012 Week 14 NFL picks

Already Week 14 coming up with additional 4 interconference and 6 divisional games on the schedule. Games within division are always tough to predict, but hopefully I’ll do a lot better than last week when I came away with a dismal 7-9 record. Week 14 will start with one of those division battles on Thursday Night, a game between Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders, here’s my pick for TNF game:

1Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders, Thursday 8:20 PM (ET). The Broncos clinched AFC West division title with 7th straight win and will try to extend their winning streak on Thursday Night against the Raiders. Denver is a much better team on both sides of the ball and should get a win. Expect extra effort from the Raiders playing against division rival, but that little extra won’t be enough.
Pick: Broncos 27-17, Result: Broncos 26-13
Against The Spread: Raiders (+10.5)


Raiderettes reunion
Photo: Tony Gonzales/Raiders.com

8St. Louis Rams @ Buffalo Bills, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). The Rams upset the 49ers last week with an overtime win at home. They played great at home, especially on defense, all season long and maybe it’s time for the Rams to produce also on the road. The Bills will be a tough opponent for the Rams, but I think the Rams will extend their winning streak.
Pick: Rams 24-21, Result: Rams 15-12
Against The Spread: Rams (+3.5)

4Dallas Cowboys @ Cincinnati Bengals, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). Both teams are well in the hunt for this season’s playoffs which makes this a big interconference game. The Cowboys are on the road for this one so the Bengals should have an advantage. Tough one to predict, could go either way, decided to go with the home team.
Pick: Bengals 23-20, Result: Cowboys 20-19
Against The Spread: Cowboys (+3.5)

9Kansas City Chiefs @ Cleveland Browns, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). The Chiefs managed to win last week after all what happened outside the football field. The Browns are playing at home and playing good enough defense to stop the Chiefs. Going with the home team again in a ‘Brady Quinn Bowl’.
Pick: Browns 17-14, Result: Browns 30-7
Against The Spread: Chiefs (+5.5)

2Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). The Colts are having the type of season the Bengals had last year. They are in position to make the playoffs and that won’t change after the game against the Titans.
Pick: Colts 28-24, Result: Colts 27-23
Against The Spread: Titans (+5.5) 

7Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). The Bears already beat the Vikings in Week 12. I expect much closer game this time. RB Adrian Peterson is Vikings’ biggest offensive weapon but against the Bears, Vikings will need QB Christian Ponder to lead his team to victory. Easier said than done, Bears will win again thanks to superior defense and special teams unit.
Pick: Bears 26-21, Result: Vikings 21-14
Against The Spread: Bears (-2.5) 

6San Diego Chargers @ Pittsburgh Steelers, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). Looks like Norv Turner era in San Diego is about to end, finally. The Chargers have 4 games left to make the most out of the otherwise forgettable season. It will be difficult to get a win this week against the Steelers who will have QB Ben Roethlisberger back in the lineup.
Pick: Steelers 23-16, Result: Chargers 34-24
Against The Spread: Steelers (-6.5) 

11Philadelphia Eagles @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). This could be a high-scoring game, the Eagles have been a joke on defense but have been able to put some points on the board lately. The Buccaneers still have a chance to make the playoffs and they’ll want to win this game more than the Eagles who probably wish this season could end as quickly as possible.
Pick: Buccaneers 31-27, Result: Eagles 23-21
Against The Spread: Eagles (+7.5)

5Baltimore Ravens @ Washington Redskins, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). This is another big interconference game. Both teams have been battle tested this season with plenty of games played against teams with winning record. I had hard time to decide who should I pick, somehow I think the Ravens will come up with a right plan to defend Redskins’ multiple run formations.
Pick: Ravens 21-20, Result: Redskins 31-28 (OT)
Against The Spread: Ravens (+0.5)

10Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). The Falcons have already clinched NFC South division and will be looking to secure home-field advantage throughout NFC playoffs in the coming weeks. Carolina will try to be only the second team this season to beat Atlanta but it won’t happen, Atlanta wins and advances to 12-1.
Pick: Falcons 30-24, Result: Panthers 30-20
Against The Spread: Falcons (-3.5)

3New York Jets @ Jacksonville Jaguars, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). Jets’ head coach Rex Ryan decided to go back with Mark Sanchez at quarterback which could be good news for the Jaguars. The thing is, Jaguars have plenty of problems of their own that’s why I predict Jets win in another low-scoring game.
Pick: Jets 19-17, Result: Jets 17-10
Against The Spread: Jaguars (+2.5) 

12Miami Dolphins @ San Francisco 49ers, Sunday 4:05 PM (ET). Long trip for the Dolphins to take on the 49ers in what is expected to be low-scoring game. For the 49ers it will be 3rd straight game with Colin Kaepernick as starting quarterback. Kaepernick made some costly mistakes last week against the Rams, the Dolphins on other hand will have rookie offensive lineman in the starting lineup. Home team gets an important win at home.
Pick: 49ers 24-20, Result: 49ers 27-13
Against The Spread: Dolphins (+10.5)

13New Orleans Saints @ New York Giants, Sunday 4:25 PM (ET). Next for the Giants are the Saints with QB Drew Brees who hasn’t lost to the Giants in his career. With Brees, the Saints are 3-0 when playing against the Giants with an average of 42.3 points scored per game. The Saints improved on defense but they’ve been regressing on offense so don’t expect them to score 40 on the Giants this time around. This game won’t be played indoors so I’ll give the edge to the home team, Giants win and advance to 8-5.
Pick: Giants 27-23, Result: Giants 52-27
Against The Spread:  Saints (+5.5)

14Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks, Sunday 4:25 PM (ET). No matter who plays quarterback for the Cardinals they don’t stand a chance against the Seahawks who are back home after a huge overtime win against the Bears. This will be 9th straight loss for the Cardinals after a promising 4-0 start.
Pick: Seahawks 23-10, Result: Seahawks 58-0
Against The Spread: Seahawks (-10.5)

15Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers, Sunday 8:20 PM (ET). Both teams have a long list of injured players going into this game. Especially Packers seem to have problems with injuries all season. The 4-8 Lions are out of the playoff race compared to 8-4 Packers who are in the race with Chicago for NFC North division title. Packers win.
Pick: Packers 28-21, Result: Packers 27-20
Against The Spread: Packers (-6.5)

16Houston Texans @ New England Patriots, Monday 8:30 PM (ET). Are you ready for some football? Hopefully this game lives up to the hype as 2 AFC teams battle for home-field advantage in the playoffs. Even without TE Rob Gronkowski, QB Tom Brady has lots of weapons and with solid O-line I think he will have enough time to eventually beat the Texans.
Pick: Patriots 30-27, Result: Patriots 42-14
Against The Spread: Texans (+4.5)

Week 13 record straight-up: 7-9
Overall: 122-69-1

Against The Spread: 8-8
Overall: 101-91


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