2012 Week 12 Passer Rating Differential

With only 5 weeks to go in the NFL we are getting closer to this year’s postseason. The last time I posted rankings based on Passer Rating Differential (PRD, The Mother of All Stats as they call it at Cold Hard Football Facts) was after Week 8. With another month of the 2012 season concluded, let’s look at updated PRD rankings (teams in bold would make the playoffs).

There are no major changes at the top and at the bottom of the rankings compared to Week 8. The Packers are still at the top and No.1 ranked team, they also have the best Offensive Passer Rating (OPR). Despite of poor offensive performance through last 4 weeks, since I last posted the rankings, the Bears dropped only 3 spots thanks to No.1 Defensive Passer Rating (DPR). New Orleans Saints made the biggest jump, climbing 13 spots from 29th to 16th. Philadelphia is a team who dropped the most in the last month, the Eagles are now 29th ranked team and have dropped 15 spots. Kansas City Chiefs remain last on OPR and are dead last on PRD through Week 12 in the NFL, just as they were through Week 8.

If the season ended after Week 12, 11 teams from top 14 on PRD would make the playoffs, included all top 5 teams. The exception is Indianapolis, ranked 31st on PRD but currently hold AFC Wild-Card playoff spot.


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