2012 Week 8 Passer Rating Differential

Through Week 8 in the NFL, teams have already played 118 of 256 (46%) regular season games. A month ago – through Week 4 in the NFL – I posted team rankings based on Passer Rating Differential (PRD) – The Mother of All Stats as they call it at Cold Hard Football Facts. With another month of the 2012 season already in the books, let’s look how teams rank on PRD at almost midpoint of the season. Here’s an updated table (teams in bold would make the playoffs).

Atlanta Falcons, No.1 team through Week 4, are no longer top ranked team. They’ve been knocked down from the top by the Packers who made big move up since Week 4 rankings and are now No.1 ranked team just ahead of San Francisco 49ers by a slimmest of margins. Tampa Bay Buccaneers made the biggest jump, climbing 15 spots from 24th to 9th. The Chargers nose-dived towards the bottom half of the rankings, losing 11 spots compared to Week 4 rankings, but the biggest move down belongs to the Rams, who lost 16 spots. Kansas City Chiefs are ranked last on Offensive Passer Rating (OPR) and 29th on Defensive Passer Rating (DPR) and are still dead last on PRD through Week 8 in the NFL.

There’s still plenty of football left to be played and its way too early to talk playoffs, but if the season ended after Week 8, 9 teams from top 12 on PRD would make the playoffs, included all top 6 teams.