NFC West on Top

When Seattle Seahawks won NFC West division title 2 years ago with a 7-9 record it was crystal clear, NFC West was the worst division in pro football. Teams from the West posted a combined 25-39 regular season record – which was of course, worst in the NFL. Seattle became the only team in NFL history to win its division with a losing record and things didn’t look good for NFC West teams. Last season teams improved and recorded a combined 30-34 record, mainly thanks to San Francisco 49ers who finished regular season with a 13-3 record. Improved performances from Seattle and Arizona late in the season showed that things could get better in 2012.


After Week 5 in the 2012 NFL season things are better, way better. NFC West division is the only division in the NFL in which all 4 teams have a winning record and their combined 14-6 record is the best in the NFL, 11-3 record if we count only games outside the division – again best in the NFL.

The main reason for teams’ success so far is outstanding performances from their defensive units and special teams. San Francisco is ranked No.1 in scoring defense allowing only 13.6 points per game, Seattle is 2nd, Arizona sits on 5th place and St. Louis Rams are 9th on the list.

On Defensive Passer Rating (DPR), which measures teams’ success in stopping the opposing passing game, all NFC West clubs are top 10 again. The Rams are leading the way, ranked 3rd among all NFL teams with a 66.59 DPR.


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