2012 Week 4 Passer Rating Differential

The month of September is behind us and so are the first 4 weeks in the NFL. With the exception of Indianapolis Colts and Pittsburgh Steelers, who already had a bye week, all NFL teams played 1/4 of their regular season schedule. It’s time for a first look at team stats to find out which teams are on top.

Passer Rating Differential (PRD) is one of the stats I like to use to rank teams in the NFL. It’s The Mother of All Stats as they call it at Cold Hard Football Facts who first introduced the stat before the 2009 season. Here’s a table of teams ranked based on PRD, teams in bold have a winning record.

Top 10 teams on PRD have a combined record of 28-11 (71.8%). For comparison, top 10 teams on Total Defense (yards allowed per game) are 23-16 (59.0%), teams ranked based on Total Offense (yards gained per game) have a combined record of only 18-22 (45.0%). It’s clear which stat has a better statistical value. Through Week 4 in the NFL, Atlanta Falcons are on top with +43.4 passer rating differential, they are also best ranked team on offensive passer rating (OPR), with Rams being the best on defensive passer rating (DPR).


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