2012 NFL Division champions prediction – NFC

Yesterday I published my predictions for AFC division champions. It’s time for National Football Conference division winners for 2012.

Philadelphia Eagles are my pick for division title in NFC East. Eagles had a 5-1 intradivision record last season. In a lot of cases that would be enough to win the division but they lost some close games earlier on which eventually cost them the division. NFC East is one of the toughest division in the NFL so it won’t be easy for the Eagles of course, both Giants and Cowboys could be on top of the division too. The Packers are still the team to beat in NFC North, Chicago is a serious contender and will be in the hunt for division title. Despite all the sanctions regarding bounty scandal, the Saints will come through and with Brees running the show I still think they are the best team in NFC South. With a new defensive coordinator the Saints will be much better team on defense. San Francisco will successfully defend the West crown with Seahawks just falling short of the title. It will be hard for the 49ers to match 13-3 record from last season but in a weak NFC West, 9 wins could be enough to take the title.

Eagles, Packers, Saints and 49ers will make the playoffs as division champions, two remaining playoff spots will be taken by the Giants and Cowboys. Just missing the playoffs Bears, Seahawks.


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