2012 NFL Division champions prediction – AFC

Preseason is over and the defending Super Bowl Champions New York Giants and division rival Dallas Cowboys will kick off new NFL season on Wednesday night.
I got myself a brand new crystal ball 😀 and with my new edition I hope I’ll be able to top my previous record when I correctly picked 66% of NFL games (51% Against The Spread). Before I get into Week 1 predictions, here’s my view on which teams have the best chance to win its divisions.

First of all, American Football Conference division winners for 2012.

In my opinion, the Patriots and the Texans are a lock to win AFC East and AFC South. Both teams really won’t face any serious threat from division rivals.  I can see both teams win 11+ games in 2012. Buffalo solidified its defense in the offseason, but they are still far behind the Patriots who also upgraded their defense through 2012 draft. I also feel pretty good about the Ravens winning back-to-back AFC North division. Pittsburgh will be there to make Baltimore’s life miserable but in the end I think Ravens will take the crown. I had hard time deciding who to place first in AFC West. Even though Manning won’t produce the same kind of numbers as he did in his best pro years he’s still a huge upgrade for Denver at quarterback position. The main concern of course is, will he stay healthy. For a while I had the Chiefs and also the Chargers as No.1 in division. I can see the Chiefs making the playoffs as a Wild Card team out of AFC West, but its the inconsistency of QB Matt Cassel that worries me, as for the Chargers, I kind of lost faith in Norval Eugene Turner’s team.

Patriots, Ravens, Texans and Broncos will make the playoffs as division champions, two remaining playoff spots will be taken by the Steelers and Chiefs. Just missing the playoffs, Bills and Bengals.


2 thoughts on “2012 NFL Division champions prediction – AFC

  1. Zdi se prelahko, da bi bili kr vsi prvaki isti kot lani, ponavadi ne gre tako v NFL. Odkar so 4 divizije v AFC se še ni zgodilo, da bi vsi ubranili naslov. Je pa res, da je blo v tem obdobju v AFC manj sprememb iz leta v leto kot v NFC, 2-krat se je zgodilo, da so 3 divizijski prvaki ubranili naslov, v letih 2005 in 2007

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