Super Bowl Point Spreads

We are getting closer to this year’s Super Bowl, AFC Champions New England Patriots are 3-point favorite over NFC Champions New York Giants. Before this year the Patriots were the favorite to win the Super Bowl on 3 other occasions, they won on 2 of those  but they never covered the point spread. When they did lost they were 14-point favorite to win over the same opponent they will face in this year’s Super Bowl – the New York Giants. The Giants upset the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII despite being 14-point underdog. There were other big upsets in Super Bowl history, but non bigger than in Super Bowl III. Prior to the game Baltimore Colts were 17-point favorite over the NY Jets but it was the Jets who won in the end. Otherwise, the biggest point spread in Super Bowl history was in Super Bowl XXIX, 49ers were 18-point favorite over San Diego Chargers and rightfully so, as they beat them by 23 points, 49-26.

I put up a table of all 45 Super Bowl point spreads, favorite teams (in green) covered the point spread 22 times. It happened only 3 times that the favorite team won the game by the exact point spread. The last time that happened was in Super Bowl XXXIV, when the Rams were 7-point favorite to win over the Titans and actually won by 7 points, 23-16. As mentioned above, there were upsets, meaning favorite team lost the game, that happened on 13 occasions, the last time in Super Bowl XLIV when the Colts failed to win over the Saints despite being 4-point favorite.

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