Playoff Scoreability & Bendability Index

Just like I stated in my earlier posts, one of my favorite stat that measure teams’ efficiency is Scoreability and Bendability Index. I already posted Final 2011 Scoreability & Bendability Index for regular season, this time I put up a table of both stats for the 2011 playoffs. With only Super Bowl left to be played here’s a table for 2011 playoffs, it’s no coincidence that both AFC and NFC champions did exceptionally well especially on Bendability Index.

Seems like that teams that do better on Bendability Index are more successful in the playoffs. Last year’s Super Bowl champs Packers finished No.1 on Bendability Index after regular season, this year’s No.1 49ers came very close to get to the Super Bowl.

If we take into account only playoff games, then the New England Patriots are No.1 on Scoreability Index. They’ve been very efficient on offense, as they’ve been all season long, the Giants aren’t bad either, but their mayor strength is on defense. They are No.1 playoff team in Bendability Index, Patriots too have played very efficient on defensive side of the ball, giving up yards, but not so many points. It will be another interesting Super Bowl between those two teams.The Patriots were higher ranked on Bendability Index after regular season, but in the playoffs, its New York who’s been playing most efficient on defense.


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