Passer & Rusher Rating Differential – Final 2011 rankings

2011 regular season is over and here are the final passer & rusher ranking differentials (differential rankings are explained in this post →  Passer & Rusher Rating Differential).

OPR – offensive passer rating, DPR – defensive passer rating
ORR – offensive rusher rating, DRR – defensive rusher rating 

Teams that clinched playoff spots are colored in blue (NFC team) and red (AFC team). With the exception of Cincinnati Bengals and Denver Broncos, all playoff teams are ranked high on both rankings, especially on Passer Rating Differential – one of the best statistical measure which shows a correlation to quality teams. For example, playoff teams have an average ranking of 8.8 (passer rating differential) and 11.5 (rusher rating differential), which is pretty high compared to other stats, especially those based on total yardage. Green Bay Packers have been the best team in PRD all along and they also ended the season as top ranked team based on Passer Rating Differential. The same can be said for San Francisco 49ers who are No.1 ranked team in Rusher Rating Differential and have been No.1 throughout the regular season.


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