AFC versus NFC

When NFL and AFL merged in 1970, teams of the new National Football League were divided in two conferences, AFC (american football conference) and NFC (national football conference). Since the merger in 1970 AFC teams won more interconference games, and if we include 2011 season, AFC holds 1160-1041-11 record.

Since the NFL realigned the divisions within each conference prior the 2002 season, NFL teams are scheduled to play 64 interconference regular season games. After almost a decade of AFC domination over NFC, in the 2011 season NFC teams finally turned the tables and ended regular season with more wins than AFC (33-31).

Since the merger, NFC now has 9 winning seasons, AFC has 25 with 8 ties when AFC and NFC teams split those interconference games, the last time that happened was in 2007 NFL regular season.

Over those years since the merger the best team in interconference games have been the Miami Dolphins (AFC), they hold a 98-55-0 record against teams from opposite conference. The worst winning percentage (.383) hold the Arizona Cardinals (NFC), with a 53-86-2 record.

After regular season is over teams that qualify for playoffs in each conference battle out for the right to represent their conference in the game of all games – The Super Bowl. We saw that AFC teams hold the edge over the NFC teams when it comes to regular season interconference games, but in the biggest game of all – Super Bowl, it is the NFC who’s been more dominant, thanks to a 13-year winning streak from 1984-1996 season. After this season, NFC teams hold a 25-21 overall record, and a 23-19 record since the 1970 merger.


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