Week 16 NFL picks

Saturday games, Sunday Night and Monday Night Football game are subject to change. I’ll revise my picks based on available information during the week (injury report). 

Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts, Thursday 8:20 PM (ET). That was an ugly game from Texans last week. There was no sign of tough Houston’s defense. Texans have a chance to regain momentum against a bad Colts team who got themselves first win of the season last week.This one also won’t be pretty, but Houston shows enough to bounce back with a win on the road.
Pick: Texans, 27-20
Against The Spread: Texans (-5.5)

Denver Broncos @ Buffalo Bills, Saturday 1:00 PM (ET). Denver Tebows had their share of reality check last week against the Patriots. They are still a solid team, especially on defense, and they will bounce back against Buffalo Bills. Bills can’t find a way to win, they’ve lost 7 straight, 8 straight coming up against Denver.
Pick: Broncos: 27-21
Against The Spread: Broncos (-3.5)

Arizona Cardinals @ Cincinnati Bengals, Saturday 1:00 PM (ET). Early on in the season Cardinals lost some very close games, lately they’ve managed to win a few of those close games. Fighting for playoffs, Cardinals now have to travel East facing Bengals, a team who also have their chances to make the playoffs. This time Arizona falls short and lose another close game, ending their hopes for the playoffs.
Pick: Bengals, 23-20
Against The Spread: Cardinals (+4.5)

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens, Saturday 1:00 PM (ET). Baltimore Ravens showed again how inconsistent they can be, especially on the road. Facing division rival – the Browns they’ll focus again and bounce back after last week’s loss. With a win at home Ravens stay on top of AFC North division.
Pick: Ravens, 28-17
Against The Spread: Browns (+13.5)

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans, Saturday 1:00 PM (ET). Disappointing game from the Titans team last week, I expected them to win against winless Colts. Jaguars aren’t much better than the Colts and Titans get to play them at home. Titans win again with another good game from RB Chris Johnson.
Pick: Titans, 24-18
Against The Spread: Jaguars (-7.5)

Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs, Saturday 1:00 PM (ET). Great performance by the Chiefs last week. They stay at home on a short week to face the Raiders who have to travel East. With good QB play from Kyle Orton Chiefs have a chance to win second straight at home.
Pick: Chiefs, 20-17
Against The Spread: Chiefs (-0.5)

St. Louis Rams @ Pittsburgh Steelers, Saturday 1:00 PM (ET). Maybe it would be a wise thing to do to sit QB Big Ben for the rest of the season and give him time to get healthy now that the Steelers probably lost all chances to secure themselves a first-round bye in the AFC playoffs. With or without their starting quarterback Pittsburgh will win at home against the Rams who will be again without their starting QB Sam Bradford.
Pick: Steelers, 27-13
Against The Spread: Rams (+15.5)

Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots, Saturday 1:00 PM (ET). Patriots showed some improvement on defense last week, Dolphins on other hand have been playing solid on defense almost all year. Still, Patriots have enough offensive weapons to beat the Dolphins especially their air-attack will cause Miami big problems.
Pick: Patriots, 27-22
Against The Spread: Dolphins (+10.5)

Minnesota Vikings @Washington Redskins, Saturday 1:00 PM (ET). Redskins have been an up and down team,  lately they are playing good football again, after beating division rivals Giants they now face Vikings team who got embarrassed last week by the Saints. Redskins won’t embarrass the Vikings but they’ll do enough to beat the Vikings at home.
Pick: Redskins, 24-16
Against The Spread: Redskins (-6.5)

New York Giants @ New York Jets, Saturday 1:00 PM (ET). Without playoff implications this would be a huge game, both teams want to punish the other. This year both teams are still in the hunt for the playoffs which makes this game even more interesting. Giants always show up in meaningful games, but Rex Ryan will have his team ready.
Pick: Jets, 24-23
Against The Spread: Giants (+2.5)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Carolina Panthers, Saturday 1:00 PM (ET). Cam Newton and Company will probably be able to decide this game before halftime. It’s obvious that the Bucs gave up on the season. Panthers score 30 and take a win at home.
Pick: Panthers, 30-20
Against The Spread: Panthers (-7.5)

San Diego Chargers @ Detroit Lions, Saturday 4:05 PM (ET). Chargers showed many faces in this year’s NFL season, they played well in September, horrible in October and November and are playing great in December. They will continue with great performances, this time against good Detroit team who is looking to clinch playoff spot.
Pick: Chargers, 30-27
Against The Spread: Chargers (+2.5)

Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys, Saturday 4:15 PM (ET). Can’t decide on this game. Cowboys… Eagles… Cowboys… A healthy Michael Vick should cause problems for Dallas, but my gut instinct tells me Cowboys take a close game at home ending Philadelphia’s dreams.
Pick: Cowboys, 27-26
Against The Spread: Eagles (+2.5)

San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks, Saturday 4:15 PM (ET). Important game for both NFC West teams. 49ers need this one in order to stay in the hunt for first-round bye in the NFC playoffs, Seahawks on other hand are still fighting for Wild-card playoff spot. Like many other games this will be decided on the line of scrimmage. Who controls the line gets the win, I’ll take the 49ers’ D-line over Seattle’s O-line.
Pick: 49ers, 26-20
Against The Spread:  49ers (-2.5)

Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers, Sunday 8:20 PM (ET). So much for the perfect season from the Packers. Last week Chiefs showed the way how it can be done against Green Bay Packers. Packers will again face tough defense when Bears come in town. But Bears, without QB Jay Cutler and RB Matt Forte, will have hard time scoring points even against not so good Packers’ defense. Packers get  a win and a home-field advantage throughout NFC playoffs.
Pick: Packers, 27-17
Against The Spread: Bears (+12.5)

Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints, Monday 8:30 PM (ET). Another great game on Monday Night. Falcons will try hard to get a revenge for a Week 10 overtime loss at home. Saints QB Drew Brees needs 305 yards to surpass Marino’s all-time single season passing record. He might get the record, but more important, with a win Saints will clinch NFC South division.
Pick: Saints, 27-24
Against The Spread: Falcons (+6.5)


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