Quality Standings – Week 12

After Week 12 in the NFL all 32 teams played ¾ of their regular season games. I put up a table of so-called Quality Standings in order to measure teams based on games they’ve played only against opponents with winning record. Teams with winning records ( meaning they have more wins than losses) are so-called ‘quality’ teams.Here’s a list of 17 teams currently holding a winning record,

Green Bay Packers (11-0)
San Francisco 49ers (9-2)
Houston Texans (8-3)
New England Patriots (8-3)
Baltimore Ravens 8-3
New Orleans Saints 8-3
Pittsburgh Steelers 8-3
Dallas Cowboys 7-4
Oakland Raiders 7-4
Chicago Bears 7-4
Detroit Lions 7-4
Cincinnati Bengals 7-4
Atlanta Falcons 7-4
New York Giants 6-5
Tennessee Titans 6-5
New York Jets 6-5
Denver Broncos 6-5

and the table with Quality Standings, teams in bold are currently in position to make the playoffs,  if season ended today:

A few observations from the Quality standings above:

– Miami, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Minnesota, Carolina and Arizona all have failed to win against ‘quality’ teams

– Baltimore Ravens have the most wins so far against ‘quality’ teams, but the Packers of course hold the perfect record also in Quality Standings since they haven’t lost a game so far

– Tampa Bay is a team with most games played against ‘quality’ teams, they hold a 2-7 record, New York Giants have played the fewest games against ‘quality’ teams, they hold a 1-2 record

– teams in NFC East division have the fewest wins against ‘quality’ teams, teams in AFC North have the most wins, combined they’ve won 10 games against teams with winning record.

Teams are headed into final and most important month in the regular season, standings will of course change with each week. Next time that I’ll post Quality Standings  will be after Week 17 when I’ll post the final Quality Standings.


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