Week 12 NFL picks

Sunday games and Monday Night Football game are subject to change. I’ll revise my picks based on available information during the week (injury report). 

Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions, Thursday 12:30 PM (ET). Just like any other team facing Green Bay this season, Detroit’s best chance is probably to try to establish running game and keep the ball away from Aaron Rodgers. But that’s easier said than done, Rodgers will have his chances and he’ll lead the Pack to another victory.
Pick: Packers, 34-31
Against The Spread: Lions (+6.5)

Miami Dolphins @ Dallas Cowboys, Thursday 4:15 PM (ET). Cowboys didn’t look good last week in overtime victory against Redskins. But a win is a win. In order to stay in contention for division title Dallas needs this game, it will be difficult, Miami has played solid on defense especially against the run, so Cowboys will have to rely on Romo and their air attack.
Pick: Cowboys: 23-20
Against The Spread: Dolphins (+6.5)

San Francisco 49ers @ Baltimore Ravens, Thursday 8:20 PM (ET). Tough luck for 49ers who have to travel East again and on top of that play on Thanksgiving Night. But so far in the season 49ers have proven they can overcome this as long as they pack their defense along. All hype before the game is about the Harbaughs, but it will be the 49ers defense who will be highlighted after the game is over.
Pick: 49ers, 17-14
Against The Spread: 49ers (+3.5)

Minnesota Vikings @ Atlanta Falcons, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). RB Adrian Peterson is questionable for this game, what is not questionable are Atlanta’s chances, Falcons should win this one easily.

Pick: Falcons, 31-17
Against The Spread: Falcons (-9.5)

Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). This is elimination game for both teams, winner extends his chances in playoff race. I think Jets will be the ones who will extend their slim playoff chances.

Pick: Jets, 23-13
Against The Spread: Jets (-8.5)

Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). Andy Dalton keeps playing better and better and he should get plenty of help from WR A.J.Green who’s expected to play this Sunday. Browns are solid at shutting down opposing teams’ air attack, but with Green again in the lineup Bengals are in a good position, they too keep their playoff hopes alive with a win against Cleveland.
Pick: Bengals, 27-18
Against The Spread: Bengals (-7.5)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Tennessee Titans, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). Titans won’t score as much points on Buccaneers as Packers did last week, but they probably have better defense which should be good enough. Titans will  limit QB Josh Freeman and RB LeGarette Blount and get an important win at home.
Pick: Titans, 27-20
Against The Spread: Titans (-3.5)

Carolina Panthers @ Indianapolis Colts, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). This is the best chance for Colts to get their first win in the season as they play hosts to rookie QB Cam Newton and the Panthers who didn’t play good on the road so far. After the bye week Colts will come up with enough plays to keep it close, but again it won’t be enough.
Pick: Panthers, 28-25
Against The Spread: Colts (+3.5)

Arizona Cardinals @ St. Louis Rams, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). The last time this two teams met Patrick Peterson made all the difference, this time his solid performance won’t be enough as Steven Jackson and the Rams get their 3rd win of the season.

Pick: Rams, 20-17
Against The Spread: Cardinals (+3.5)

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars, Sunday 4:05 PM (ET). Texans put QB Matt Schaub on IR and will get WR Andre Johnson back from injury. But the biggest question is can Jacksonville Jaguars stop RB Arian Foster? I think they can’t, Houston keeps on winning and stay on playoff course.
Pick: Texans, 24-15
Against The Spread: Texans (-3.5)

Chicago Bears @ Oakland Raiders, Sunday 4:05 PM (ET). With Cutler’s injury Bears will have to rely on RB Matt Forte even more than they did so far in the season. It will be difficult for the Raiders without RB Darren McFadden to go against tough Bears’ defense.
Pick: Bears, 26-23
Against The Spread: Raiders (+4.5)

Washington Redskins @ Seattle Seahawks, Sunday 4:05 PM (ET). Seattle has a chance to win their third straight against Redskins who can’t get much going on offense. Seattle is playing solid defense which should be enough to give them a chance to win.
Pick: Seahawks, 24-17
Against The Spread: Seahawks (+4.5)

Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers, Sunday 4:15 PM (ET). Something just doesn’t feel right. Tim Tebow is having a better season than Philip Rivers. I give Chargers another chance to right their ship and stay in the battle for AFC West division title.
Pick: Chargers, 23-17
Against The Spread: Broncos (+6.5)

New England Patriots @ Philadelphia Eagles, Sunday 4:15 PM (ET). Earlier on in this week I thought Eagles can upset Patriots at home If QB Michael Vick plays. Vick is ruled out for this game, as is WR Jeremy Maclin. Eagles will make this a close game but without Vick at quarterback I think they can’t keep pace with Brady and ther rest of the Patriots.
Pick: Patriots, 27-23
Against The Spread:  Eagles (+4.5)

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday 8:20 PM (ET). It just gets worse for the Chiefs as they wait for Steelers to come and punish them just like Patriots did on Monday Night. After a bye week Pittsburgh will be ready for Chiefs with Tyler Palko at quarterback .

Pick: Steelers, 33-18
Against The Spread: Steelers (-10.5)

New York Giants @ New Orleans Saints, Monday 8:30 PM (ET). New Orleans Saints are coming off their bye week and they will be prepared for the Giants who couldn’t get anything going on offense last week against the Eagles. I’m thinking Giants will have hard time keeping up with Saints’ offensive fireworks.
Pick: Saints, 27-17
Against The Spread: Saints (-6.5)


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