Week 10 NFL picks

Here are the rest of my picks for Week 10 in the NFL,

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET).The last 3 times this two division rivals met, games were decided by 3 points. Drew Brees will stay on pace to break Marino’s single season passing record and Saints will break Falcons’ winning streak and stay on top of NFC South.
Pick: Saints, 33-30
Against The Spread: Saints (-0.5)

Buffalo Bills @ Dallas Cowboys, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). The Bills had their reality check last week at home against the Jets and the Cowboys once again showed against Seahawks they have hard time putting up points. Cowboys’ best chance will probably be running the ball facing weak Buffalo run defense, but Bills will respond with their air attack.
Pick: Bills, 27-24
Against The Spread: Bills (+5.5)

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). This year we are used to watch teams from AFC North play good defense. With a division game coming up we can expect another low scoring game. I think Andy Dalton – A.J. Green combo will eventually be too much for tough Steelers defense.
Pick: Bengals, 23-20
Against The Spread: Bengals (3.5)

St. Louis Rams @ Cleveland Browns, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). There won’t be many people watching this game, that’s for sure.  Rams quarterback Bradford doesn’t get any help from poor offensive line. Another road game for Rams, another loss.
Pick: Browns, 25-16
Against The Spread: Browns (-2.5)

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). Chiefs’ embarrassing loss last week against winless Miami Dolphins came as a big surprise to me. Now they get a chance to rebound against Denver who kept it simple on offense and not asking Tim Tebow to win a game through the air. Chiefs know that and they’ll be will focusing on Denver’s ground attack.
Pick: Chiefs, 27-24
Against The Spread: Broncos (+3.5)

Tennessee Titans @ Carolina Panthers, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). Rookie quarterback Cam Newton has been really impressive piling up yards through the air and on the ground. Unfortunately for Carolina, that hasn’t resulted in many wins. Same story here, Caroline gets the yards, Titans take the win.
Pick: Titans, 31-27
Against The Spread: Titans (+2.5)

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). If Colts plan to win any of the games this season, this is probably their best chance. Without Manning Indianapolis tried to focus on their running game, doing so they’ve become pretty much  one-dimensional team. Jacksonville so far managed to limit much more explosive offenses that the one they’ll face in Indianapolis.
Pick: Jaguars, 25-22
Against The Spread: Jaguars (-2.5)

Washington Redskins @ Miami Dolphins, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). After a 3-1 start in the season Redskins have lost 4 straight. With Beck at quarterback they can’t produce any offense, their defense on the other side is playing much better, but Dolphins are playing at home and have a chance to win second straight game.
Pick: Dolphins, 20-13
Against The Spread: Dolphins (-3.5)

Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). Tough spot for Cardinals who have to travel to an angry Eagles team. Kolb probably won’t have a chance to play against his former team so that leaves Arizona with Skelton at quarterback. Eagles will chase him all day and force him to make mistakes.
Pick: Eagles, 31-27
Against The Spread: Cardinals (+13.5)

Houston Texans @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Sunday 1:00 PM (ET). Texans come to Tampa with much-needed confidence on both sides of the ball, same can’t be said for Buccaneers who’ve  struggled on offense and defense.

Pick: Texans, 31-26
Against The Spread: Texans (-3.5)

Baltimore Ravens @ Seattle Seahawks, Sunday 4:05 PM (ET). After Pittsburgh, Seattle is another tough place for Ravens to travel to. Even dough this is a long trip for Ravens, I expect them to stay on winning course. Ravens defense will be too much for ineffective Seahawks offense.

Pick: Ravens, 27-17
Against The Spread: Ravens (-7.5)

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears, Sunday 4:15 PM (ET). Chicago will try to exploit sometimes over aggressive Lions’ defensive line. They will try to do so with a big dose of Matt Forte. I think Lions D somehow finds a way to keep Forte out of the endzone and take a win on the road.

Pick: Lions, 20-16
Against The Spread: Lions (+2.5)

New York Giants @ San Francisco 49ers, Sunday 4:15PM (ET). Huge game for both teams. Great opportunity for Niners to show they really are for real. Their ability to run and stop the run will be key in this game. It will be close but I’ll go with my favorite team once again.

Pick: 49ers, 24-20
Against The Spread:  49ers (-3.5)

New England Patriots @ New York Jets, Sunday 8:20 PM (ET). The last 3 games Patriots have played, they only managed to score 20, 17 and 20 points. Now they have to go on the road and face improved Jets  defense.

Pick: Jets, 24-19
Against The Spread: Jets (-1.5)

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers, Monday 8:30 PM (ET). Green Bay probably won’t go 16-0 for the season, but I can’t imagine Vikings upsetting them at Lambeau field. Packers are playing very efficient football and they will continue to do so against Minnesota.

Pick: Packers, 28-17
Against The Spread: Vikings (+13.5)



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